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Doménique van Gennip

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Here, I collect some projects I’ve undertaken in recent years that focus on (physical) product design. Most of this revolves around work-in-progress photos and early stage sketches or 3D mock-ups to aid in making things.

Bathroom renovation

In 2019, we renovated our bathroom and laundry. I made a 3D mock-up for both to ensure our design would work practically, a particular challenge in the tight laundry space. While the bathroom was fully contracted out, everything in the laundry (safe for electrical and plumbing work) was done by myself.

Modelling of bathroom design in Blender, based on real-world measures and manufacturer data. These files, with measurements added, were used to gain strata approval and specify the design for our contractor.
Near-final image of the laundry (splashback tiles and custom doors below the worktop were not added when this photo was taken), and final outcome of the bathroom renovation.

Custom sliding doors

To complement the new bathroom and laundry, we also needed two sliding doors that would add visual interest. The bathroom door would be opaque for privacy, but the laundry door would be partially open to allow afternoon light to reach into the lounge. I made the doors out of MDF with good quality paint to avoid moisture issues.

Mockup of the door in Blender, with details shown of the cover for the race assembly up top and the bottom groove to fit the floor-mounted sliding guide through. The top could be made by using layers of MDF, whereas the bottom required routing.
L-to-R: 3D preview (too many holes, too hard to make), final holes layout (with green guide marks for reassembly after printing on A3 paper), the final layout sliced and printed and then applied on top of a MDF slab, and finally, one of many instances of me cleaning out my hole cutters.
L-to-R: Work in progress on the top cover and bottom groove, both doors after painting in matching colour with the wall, and the bathroom door in its final place.